The Lord's my Shepherd

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I remember as a 10 year old, one of Dad’s friends offering me a discount off the wristwatch I was purchasing from him if I would sing him a hymn. I promptly earned my 50cents off by singing The Lord’s my Shepherd. In later years, Dad would often set the time of a funeral he was presiding at so that I could join him after school to sing this hymn during the proceedings. He didn’t pay me though! ;)

The words I’ve selected here are from an older version of Rous’ text than you may be used to. The arrangement is quite simple, and focuses on the harp, in honour of the Psalmist. I originally wrote it back in March, to use with one of Carolyn’s texts for the Lent album, and this week I’ve rebalanced the orchestra and remixed it ready to published. 

You’re welcome to use this hymn at funerals and memorials, but of course this great Psalm offers comfort and hope in our lives at any time, and has strong ties to imagery frequently used by Christ in his teaching.

Listen to the Audio file here, or preview the SD version on YouTube.

Available as audio only, or as a Lyric Video in two sizes, 5 verses in the key of Eb. An easy to sing for congregations, and the flutes and piccolo provide support for anyone who feels like joining in the well-known descant. A text file is bundled with the audio download for your convenience. 

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