Custom Celtic Art

Some of our small name plates and larger plaques can be customised, as can our House Blessing. Different products have different levels of customisation.

It is essential that you use the Note field at checkout to give us the details that need to be included in your custom design. If names are short, we can add additional graphics in the blank space, but there is a limit on how long a name we can fit in the available space: please hold this in mind when deciding what name you want us to incorporate in the artwork. 

The Name Plaque also has four text blocks around the edge of the frame. We can use this space for significant dates, names, or other texts. Unused text blocks will display the parchment background. Please ensure that you check dates and spellings before ordering your custom Name Plaque: we take all due care and attention, but it is based on the information you supply. If your customised plaque uses an initial letter we have not incorporated in this series yet, we will email you a proof of the line art before it is coloured. Please note that we require at least 2 weeks to design and paint a custom initial. Rush orders are impossible for this product.

The House Blessing also has 2 customisation options. We can print different names around the existing graphic, or also replace the graphic with a pair of interwoven initials of your choice. If you select this option, we will send you a proof of the line art before colouring. Please allow at least 1 week for us to design and paint each new initial pair.