Season of Creation 2021

From the start of September until St Francis day, many churches observe a time to contemplate God's world, and what we have made of it. Some times, we focus on becoming more intentional in our enjoyment of the world around us, other times, we take time to remind ourselves of our duty of care for our shared home, the Earth.

This year, we're looking our responsibility to renew the Oikos of God in providing a home for everybody. Oikos is a greek word for the entire earth community – the earth and all that is in it. Oikos is also the root word of modern terms like ecology, economic, and ecumenical; all words that refer to our common home, the household of God, what Martin Luther King Jr called the "Beloved Community". The short version of all of this is simple: Earth: A Home for All.

This collection of hymns are provided to support worshipping congregations as well as private reflection on this topic of sustainable living, ecologic restoration, and responsibility for all humankind.