Name Panels

The name panels we've created for our friends have all been particularly beloved. This collection gives you access to prints of all the name plates we have created so far, so you can give these treasured gifts to your family and friends.

The 2018 name panel frame features a lush tree of life base. Spirals climb both sides linking the blue of the sky with the greens of the bush. Interlaced triskels drift cloud-like across the top. The plaques feature the name of the person we created them for. 

For 2019 we designed a brand new name plate frame, featuring a bar of peacocks. The use of peacocks as a symbol of immortality is widely used in celtic manuscripts, but the idea dates back to experiments conducted in Roman times. The knotted vertical columns are each constructed from a single thread.

Some of these designs feature the name presented in a single block at the bottom, to allow you to request any name of your choice on the plaque. Of course, names vary in length, so we may have to take creative steps to make very long names fit!

Check back here often, because the collection of initials and names is continuing to grow!