Name Plaques

Over the years, now and then we've taken a couple of months or more out to create something special for a very special person.

We've made some of them available as Limited Edition Prints, so those people's friends and families can also enjoy their Plaque.

More recently, we've developed a new design, that allows people to order customisable plaques at a much lower cost. There are 3 customisation options:

• Same Name, different details – you provide us with the text that will replace the original margin text;
• Same Initial, different name – you provide us with another name starting with the same initial as well as new margin text to suit;
• New Initial, new name – we craft an initial of your choice and add the appropriate name and margin text, adapting the surrounding elements to fit. Please allow at least a couple of weeks for this product, it really does take a lot of time.

The new names and initials will be added to our product list for future shoppers.