About our Celtic Art

Spirals and Interlacing are elements in the traditional art of many cultures, but for many people the pinnacle of these forms can be found in the manuscripts, carvings, and jewellery created in the Celtic fringe of the British Isles in the 8th to 10th centuries. Growing up in New Zealand, Chris found the spirals and curves of indigenous Maori carvings resonated with her Irish and Scottish heritage to form the basis of her art.
Chris designs the patterns, knots, and interlaced zoomorphs and incorporates them into unique artworks, which Bill then brings to vibrant life using a colour palette based on the traditional pigments used in the Celtic Manuscripts.
As well as purchasing Celtic Art for yourself or others from our Catalog, you can learn a little more about Chris's process from her blog, Drawing on the Celt Within; or even get up close and personal with some of the artworks through free online Jigsaw Puzzles.