Shepherd of Souls

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Faith is easy when things are going the way we want them to. But it’s when life is difficult, unfair, even downright terrible that our faith has the opportunity to grow. That’s why I chose this image of Middleton in Western Queensland to accompany the hymn. In places where the going is tough, where the next meal is out of sight, we need to follow close to our Good Shepherd and trust that’s God’s perspective is infinitely greater than our own. Author James Montgomery reminds us of this with his reference to the Emmaus story (Luke 24:13-35).

I orchestrated and recorded Shepherd of Souls for our Bread of Life miniseries back in August, but ran out of time to polish and publish it. It’s a communion hymn that has a place in our worship at any time of year, but I thought it fit rather well with the theme for 14th November, of salvation in the midst of hard times, so I’ve taken a couple of days to complete and share it. 

Listen to the Audio file here, or preview the SD version on YouTube.

Available as audio only, or as a Lyric Video in two sizes, Shepherd of Souls has four verses and is designed to be a comfortable sing for all congregations.

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