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Patricia Name Plaque. Customisable.

Callum requested this piece for his Grandmother. Pat connected strongly with her Scottish ancestry, so we incorporated both thistles and the St Andrews cross elements in this piece.

The little round lion head comes from one I drew back in the '90s, it is joined by a long thin lion zoomorph, an Ethiopian Angel, a double heart, St Columba's Dove, and other knots.

Also available for other names starting with P. The name block and 4 short text blocks, suitable for significant dates, children's names, etc sit around the edge of the print and will be customised according to the information you supply us. Please ensure you include all the information we will need in the note at checkout!

The border features include dogs, spirals, and a highly structured Tree of Life, all frequent elements in Celtic art for thousands of years.

The Patricia Name Plaque is designed to fit an 8"x10" (20x25cm) frame. It ships with 5 additional small prints for friends and family, one of which has a magnetic backing.

Click on the accompanying images and zoom in to enjoy the textures of the paint and the highly detailed interlacing or get an overview of the whole panel.