O God, we Rage at Hurtful Things

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We know that God could could reach out and prevent something terrible happening, and yet all too often, God doesn’t. And that’s hard for us humans to handle. Because we’re hurting, and we’re angry, and it’s not fair. And right there, in our pain, God is waiting to comfort us, but sometimes anger is so much easier than faith. 

As we listen to David weeping for the death of his son, or Jesus crying out to comfort Jerusalem, we are reminded that we’re not alone, pain and loss are part of being human, and God loves us even in our rage.

This hymn text from Carolyn is another reminder, and the ST ANNE setting stirs echoes of older words of faith and hope. The anguish depicted in Vedder’s 1867 study for Prayer for Death in the Desert adds it’s own resonance to our cry. My source for this was https://diglib.library.vanderbilt.edu/act-imagelink.pl?RC=55648

The poignant tones of oboes and cor anglais lead the orchestra in support as we sing the five short verses Carolyn has given us to gently remind us of God’s faithfulness.

Listen to the backing track, or preview the Lyric Video on our YouTube Channel.

Carolyn's hymns are only available for free use during this time of COVID, so these tracks will only be available for a limited time. All three versions are available for free download until Carolyn withdraws her offer.

Available as audio only, or as a Lyric Video in two sizes, this setting is a comfortable sing for all congregations. 

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