O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing

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So many possibilities for hymns for 5th September. As well as the Lectionary readings, we have Fathers’ Day and the first Sunday of the Season of Creation. These words from Charles Wesley fit so strongly with our Gospel reading from Mark 7 that I couldn’t not select it. Not only the reference to Jesus healing of the deaf man, but our inevitable response to God’s work in our lives - to proclaim God’s glory aloud, even when we’re meant to be keeping it quiet.

At St Mark’s, we tend to select RICHMOND as the tune for this hymn, and I think it’s a good choice; easy to sing, and short enough that we can get through 6 verses without running out of puff. I wrote this arrangement a few months ago, but I’ve done a little more work with the orchestra before publishing it for you. 

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