Mark and Angie Hook

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We were pretty impressed with the print quality we got with our first canvas print, so it was time to push this idea a little further... Could we push painting at 400-dpi up to an A3 size?

Bill was still busy vectoring all the scans we'd saved from the early hand-drawn work, so that gave me a sizeable library to start on a larger piece for our friends Mark and AJ Hook.

Chris hadn't yet gained the habit of constantly flicking between working size and print size, so the final designed was rather sparse when printed at A3, but it provided an excellent canvas for Bill to really push what he could do with Artrage's paint texturing abilities, and this has been a really valuable tool as we found higher and higher resolution print systems.

Now printed using photo process as an 6"x8" it looks great, so we've added it to our online collection of Signed and Numbered prints.