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Liz was a really pivotal piece in our design journey. When we created it we had no idea how we were going to print it. We attempted several different methods, and hadn't come up with anything satisfactory by the time Christmas took us to Melbourne. Our daughter Liz wasn't arriving until a few days later, and that gave us time to discover the quality and depth of colour available at Ted's Cameras in Greensborough Plaza. At last we had the complete process sorted!

The L was drawn from the Introduction to Luke, Folio 16v of the Book of Kells. To this we added the celtic maze from the original piece I drew for Sarah back in '96 as well as elements from works developed for other family members, including the kangaroo I drew for Steph.

The original Liz was created for Sarah Elizabeth for Christmas 2017, and it is now available for a limited number of Liz's everywhere as 6"x8" (15x20cm) signed and numbered prints.

Small Name Panel, style 17.