It is Well With My Soul

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I didn’t realise until I was finishing this mix just how much my childhood theology came from hymns. Not just profound eternal truths like “Jesus loves me” and “Jesus loves… all the little children of the world”. This was one of those hymns. The idea of peace from God even when things around me were terrible taught me much-needed equanimity. That wasn’t the only thing I learned from this hymn.

I was about 6 when a change in church leadership introduced the idea I couldn’t be saved yet because I was “too young” to understand it. Well, I understood that arguing would be a bad move, but I was pretty sure that, like this hymn says, my sin was nailed to the cross, so I didn’t need to worry about what he said. 

This is a hymn about peace. God’s peace. A peace that blossoms in improbable situations. The peace that came to earth that first Christmas, which we remember on the second Sunday in Advent. Horatio Spafford wrote this text while at sea, crossing the Atlantic near the site where his daughters had recently drowned. His friend Philip Bliss set it to music, naming the tune for the sunken liner.

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