Christ is the Vine

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The Gospels are firmly rooted in the environment through which Christ and the disciples lived and walked. As was the Jewish tradition of the time, metaphors abound; linking images of growth and fruitfulness to our life as we follow God’s way. 

This is a hymn that I learned when I was small. I’m not absolutely sure which tune we sang it to, but WOODWORTH is the one that sprang to mind when I looked at the words, and I think it flows quite nicely. I felt that it was a little short with only 2 verses (although the original version would work nicely as a sung response to a Gospel reading?), so I built it up a little to give us 3 verses and a time of about two and a quarter minutes. 

It’s really easy for WOODWORTH to drag and become rather dirge-like, so I’ve tried to find a balance with a waltz time that keeps us gently moving onwards. Solo trumpet leads the melody, with double-reeds adding piquant contrast until the flutes leap into a descant for the final verse.

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