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Jeremiah 33:3, often referred to as God’s telephone number. The promise that when we call out to God, God will answer us. The answer may be beyond our current understanding, but there will be an answer, and in taking time to meditate and contemplate that answer, we have the opportunity to develop our relationship with God.

Advent 2021 begins on Sunday 28th November, and the first scripture reading set down in the Lectionary for that day is from later in this chapter Jeremiah. Not that Advent is the only time when we should sing this verse and remind ourselves of God’s promise to be there for us, far from it! 

This promise is appropriate for us any time, in both private meditation and corporate worship. It’s only a few simple lines, and the melody repeats it to form a verse. Even singing it through twice, it’s quite short, so I’ve given us a few bars in the middle to reflect. 

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