A New Commandment

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The key strands of the Maundy Thursday service are the words and actions of Christ during that final dinner with his friends. The bread and wine. The humble act of washing of another's feet. The reiteration of the injunction to love one another as Jesus loved his disciples; as he loved us.

This short hymn is so appropriate for our service on the Thursday of Holy Week. We sing it through twice with a gentle orchestral accompaniment.

Setting scripture texts to song has been a Christian tradition from the beginning. They give us an opportunity to focus on a fragment of the Bible, and are well suited to the short form of hymns that we call Choruses. 

For those of us who worshipped in Australia and New Zealand in the 70's, singing the words of Christ, of the Apostles, and of the Old Testament writers was a treasured part of our sacrifice of praise.

Many of those choruses, like this one, have no identified provenance. We do not know who wrote the tune, and therefore we cannot ascribe copyright, and the works fall into the Public Domain. And so I can include it in the Hymnody Project and share this setting with you.

You can listen to this track through SoundCloud.

Available as audio only, or as a Lyric Video in two sizes, this setting is a comfortable sing for all congregations. 

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