WOODWORTH – a Meditation (Just as I am)

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This Meditation can be used in a number of ways. You could use the Lyric Video for Just as I am to lead the congregation in singing the hymn, you can download the audio track and use it to build the Lyric Video for a hymn of your choice, or you could simply play it as a meditation during a time of personal prayer, with or without the image and text. 

This arrangement guides us through 3 verses. The early focus is on double-reed woodwinds to support the yearning of the repentant soul, while in the third verse the strings and flutes sweep us upward in the joy of Christ’s welcome home. Rather than adjust the first verse, I have left it in its original language, bringing it gradually into more modern expression as we progress toward the personal statement of faith that concludes the hymn.

You can listen to this track in the player above, or preview the SD image video on our YouTube Channel.

Available as audio only, or with an image and the text of Just as I am in two video sizes, this setting is a comfortable sing for all congregations. Please contact me if you'd like a different format, or other customisations.

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Interested in other keys or with different words? These options are available to our patrons. Contact us to discuss!