Guide Me, O my Great Redeemer

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"A prayer for strength to go through the wilderness of the world." That's how Welsh hymnwriter William Williams described his hymn. And nearly 300 years later, the world is still a wild and unsettling place, and navigating it safely requires God's help as much as ever.

This hymn accompanies many readings from both the old and the new testament, drawing together as it does threads from Moses leading God's people away from Egypt and through the wilderness and images from the New Testament. Set to the well-known tune CWM RHONDDA, with the orchestra filling in the choral bits, your congregation should be able to sing along with gusto.

I've made some minor alterations to the words – the word Redeemer has been substituted for Jehovah for a century already, and other changes have been made to minimise archaic language whilst maintaining the theology of the original translations.

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Available as audio only, or as a Lyric Video in two sizes, this setting is a comfortable sing for all congregations. Alternative texts and keys are available on request for our patrons.

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