What a Friend we Have in Jesus

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The day before the wedding, his fiancée drowned. Not long afterwards, poet Joe Scriven left Ireland for the New World, starting over in Ontario. In 1855 he sent a poem, “Pray without Ceasing” to his mother to comfort her in a severe illness. He never intended that the poem would be published, but a friend thought is should be shared with the world, and it was printed anonymously in a newspaper and began to spread. 

His life didn’t get a great deal easier over the next few years; his determination to live as closely as possible according to the Sermon on the Mount alienated him from many. About to be married, his fiancée died of pneumonia. 

Meanwhile, in 1868, published attorney Charles Converse discovered the poem, perhaps in a publication the previous year, and set it to music with a new title. The result became the best-know work of both poet and composer, although Joseph didn’t receive credit for his text for another 15 years 

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