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Keith Name Plaque.

Keith is Kevin's brother, so this design takes the K drawn for the 1997 Kevin and reshapes it to fit into our current name plaque design, where a wild Tree of Life nurtures his bees. It is a companion piece to one for Keith's wife Jeanne.

Trees of Life are are frequent feature in Celtic religious art and come in two basic forms: wild and structured. A great example in the Book of Kells shows two of each on a single page. Check out folio 114r from late in the book of Matthew.
[ On this page the artist illuminates for us a transition point in the life of Christ, positioning him in a doorway. At the start of the verse, Jesus is in the upper room, concluding the Last Supper with a hymn, but as it ends, they are on the Mount of Olives, on their way to Gethsemane and the beginning of the Passion.
The columns contain structured trees of life, but the symmetry of the composition is broken by 2 wild trees, one on the head of each of his companions, that leap up across the boundary between the illustration and the text, and which, unlike their structured versions, are bearing fruit. Not hard to find a sermon in this image! ]

The Keith Name Plaque is designed to fit an 8"x10" (20x25cm) frame. It ships with 5 additional small prints, one of which has a magnetic backing.

The overall design features the spirals, interlacing, and zoomorphs that have intrigued and delighted viewers of Celtic Art for over a millennium, integrated with motifs signifying more modern places and times as well as elements specific to Keith.

Click on the accompanying images and zoom in to enjoy the textures of the paint and the highly detailed interlacing or get an overview of the whole panel.