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Jeanne Name Plaque. Customisable

A companion piece to the Keith plaque, Jeanne features a densely decorated J, a style that is common for major letters in Celtic illumination.

Other names starting with J are also available. 4 short text blocks, suitable for significant dates, children's names, etc sit around the edge of the print and will be customised according to the information you supply us. Please ensure you include all the information we will need in the note at checkout!

We are also able to create a custom initial, replacing the entire left part of the piece with a different, lavishly ornamented initial letter, using additional Celtic forms to integrate the initial smoothly into the design. Please allow us a minimum of 2 weeks to produce this. We will send you the line-art to proof before your piece is painted.

About the Jeanne plaque:
Finding a source for the J was interesting, because the letter is not used in the latin texts which form the basis for the Celtic Manuscripts. [ I am intrigued that even as late as 1611 and the publication of the "King James" translation of the bible the letter J is not used in English. Check it out! ]

But on folio 16v of the Book of Kells manuscript a lavish letter L signposts the introduction (argumentum) to the gospel of Luke, which nicely reflected into a J. You can see the first iteration of this in the Joy and Jane name plates, but here it has been completely reworked for better clarity.

Bright flowers line the interior curve of the initial, which have attracted some of Keith's bees. The wild Tree of Life that nestles into the curve on the right of the J is repeated on Keith's plaque.

The design also features the spirals, interlacing, and zoomorphs that have intrigued and delighted viewers of Celtic Art for over a millennium, integrated with motifs signifying more modern places and times and some that are particularly relevant to Jeanne.

The Jeanne Name Plaque is designed to fit an 8"x10" (20x25cm) frame. It ships with 5 additional small prints including one with a magnetic backing.

Click on the accompanying images and zoom in to enjoy the textures of the paint and the highly detailed interlacing or get an overview of the whole panel.