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Podcast RSSer creates RSS files for submitting to Apple’s Podcast Connect for inclusion in the Podcast section of iTunes.

You’ve achieved so much creating your podcast: actually publishing it should be easy! And now, with Podcast RSSer, it is.

There’s still a few technical things you need to know, but we’ve reduced the process down to just a few simple answers on two pages of questions. Create your channel information and save it. Add episodes as you create them. Generate the RSS code and upload it to the web.

This help document isn’t a complete guide to the art of podcasting. We strongly recommend that you use the link from the Resources page and check out the first few chapters of Podcasts Connect Help. Then you can use Podcast RSSer as a simple checklist for the necessary steps to publication.

If you already have a RSS feed file, you can open it from the "File" menu > "Open RSS File…" then you can check and maintain your feed.

Version 2.8 has been redesigned, rewritten in Swift. Hardened and Notarized by Apple. Responsive to Dark mode. New help files.

Available on the Mac App Store

Updated For:

macOS 12 Sierra
macOS 13 High Sierra
macOS 14 Mojave