Joy to the World! Celebrating our New Product Line!

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Joy to the World! Celebrating our New Product Line!

It has been a while in coming, longer than expected, but at last, we’re ready to release our new product range, the Hymnody Collection.

The Hymnody Collection is a selection of hymns especially put together for churches that don’t have access to live musicians to support worship in their services. The core version of each hymn is free to download, while other options will be available at different price-points.

Available Today!

The season of Advent this year begins on Sunday 29th November, so we’re delighted to launch the Hymnody Collection with one of the great Advent Hymns: Joy to the World, a text by Isaac Watts set to music by Handel.

You can download this today, at no cost for the core version, an .m4a file with song-leader and orchestra. Also available, for a small fee or free to our patrons,  Lyric Videos in 4 versions: Standard or High Definition, each in Dark and Bright settings. Standard Definition is a 4:3 format to suit older data projectors, while High Definition, in an 11:9 1080 format, is suitable for TV screens and high resolution projectors. Dark presentations are designed for use in candle-lit or dim environments, Bright for daytime or well lit services.

And of course, a range of Christmas Carols will be following over the next couple of weeks, ready to support your worship over Christmas-tide.

Through Patreon, our patrons will be given codes so they can download any of our Hymnody products, as well as an invitation to request specific hymns, or versions of hymns, for their congregations. Obviously, terms and conditions will apply to requests: each hymn takes us at least a week to orchestrate, perform, and record, so please bear that in mind.

What about Copyright?

The Core hymns are all in the Public Domain, and the arrangements and performances are original and copyright is owned by Chris Pitcher (me). As a customer or patron, you receive a licence to use these hymns as part of your services of worship in both public and private settings. Additional licensing is available for recorded and streamed services.

Modernised hymn texts will need to be covered by your CCLI or other license, and their use is limited by the level of your licensing agreement. So these will only be available to patrons, and will require a discussion with Chris about the text you wish recorded.

What's all this about Patreon?

Patreon is a great system that allows creative people to receive support from people who value their work and want to encourage it. And to show our appreciation, we creators provide benefits of some sort to our patrons.

Patrons commit to a monthly sum relative to the level of support they wish to provide, and the benefits they would like to receive. In our case, US$10 a month gives you access to Lyric Videos in formats suitable for both traditional Data Projectors and high-resolution TV screens, and higher levels of support unlock the option for us to record alternative words to match your hymnbook settings, and other benefits. 


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