Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise!

Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise!

It's been years since I sat down and did a jigsaw puzzle. I never seem to be organised enough to set aside space for such projects. But I really like this form of imposing order on chaos, especially in these strange times, and when someone posted a link to Te Papa Museum's online jigsaw puzzles, I was hooked.

So for the last few days I've been enjoying exploring great art in jigsaw form, learning to really look at colours and brush-strokes. Of course, then I started thinking about puzzling our art... 

It turns out that Jigsaw Explorer makes it pretty straightforward, so Bill did some magic, and we've made a start.

The first puzzle we'd like to share with you is the Victoria Name Plaque. You can read more about the piece, or just jump straight in to the puzzle.

I've set it to default to 208 pieces, but you're welcome to use the menu to make it simpler, or even harder! We'll add another puzzle in a week or so. Meanwhile, please let me know what you think!

Next up is the Patricia Name Plaque. Patricia's so new it doesn't even have a product page on our store yet, but keep an eye out...

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