Exciting new product launching soon!

Exciting new product launching soon!

I'm getting pretty excited about a new product we'll be launching very soon...

I've been working on it since the start of 2020, and the first iteration it is currently on its way to our patron. I'm looking forward to his feedback, and once we've integrated that we'll be ready to launch.

It's quite large, 10" (25.4cm) wide, and 8" (20.3cm) high. That's a standard frame size, so it's all ready for you to insert into the frame of your choice to complete a really awesome gift, or celebrate your own special event.

If you want the benefits of a custom-designed Celtic Artwork but don't have the budget for a full bespoke piece, this product is for you. Each plaque will be unique and distinct, with elements designed to suit the recipient. The frame and other elements are standard for all the products in this series, which is how we keep the cost so low.

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