When His Time was Over

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 I'd never heard this beautiful hymn until our first Palm Sunday in Australia. It's a real gem, and appropriate throughout Holy Week. 

But of course, the focus of the Hymnody Project has been hymns that are in the Public Domain. I love the hymn so much I emailed the writer, Dr Robin Mann, and asked for permission to share it with you. Time was short, and I didn't know if it was possible, but then the email arrived back, not only permission to use it, but a recording of Robin playing and singing the hymn.

So it is with real joy that I share When His Time was Over with you. Sung and performed by Robin Mann, with just a touch of orchestration from me. Free for you to download as a backing track or lyric video. Many, many thanks to Robin, both for writing it and for making it available!

You can listen to this track through SoundCloud, and watch the Lyric Video on Vimeo.

Available as audio only, or as a Lyric Video in two sizes, this setting is a comfortable sing for all congregations. 

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